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 Server Ranks

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PostSubject: Server Ranks   Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:37 pm


Note: The next rank inherits the commands/permissions of all the ones before, and has the same restrictions unless specified otherwise.

This is the default rank you get when you join and you can use all the basic commands, that you can learn from the tutorial dungeon. You cannot however place lava or use flint and steel.

This rank is extremely easy to get and requires no effort on the server. You just need to register on the forum and stay active. Keep in mind that if you become in active your rank will be removed. You get access to the /call command, which requests a teleport to the specified person.

You receive this rank when we trust you. It's that simple; you just have to become trustworthy. To do this I will give you a few tips; be nice to other people not just staff, be active both on the forum and on the server, and start building things and participating in community events and discussion.

This rank is probably the first one that is drastically different from the previous, builders get access to many more commands and gain much more respect than previous ranks. You have access to spawning items, flying, placing lava, making craftbook items such as gates, bridges and elevators, heal, god, superpick and /tp. To get builder you need to be a very good builder, and do everything in the previous ranks.
Builder Rules:
-NO spawning items for other people
-No abusing privileges for pvp or survival
-No tping randomly to people, its quite annoying

If you donate between 5 - 50 pounds, this is what you get. VIP's have many privileges. You can set time, weather and even your own warps. Of course you inherit all builder and down commands without actually having to earn them. You will be a respected member of our community; to donate click the donate button at the portal. We accept paypal only. One time payment, you get the rank forever.

[Junior Mod]
This rank is to either train you for moderator, or to have an extra staff member who can deal with problems. Most people won't make it to this rank therefore its highly respected. As Junior Mod you need to keep the server in order like a Moderator, just with less commands and power. You deal griefing, spamming, and everything that violates the rules. You can mute, kick, jail, hawk eye and teleport other people. If you feel a ban needs to be made report it to the higher staff and they will deal with it. Getting this rank is extremely hard and requires time and effort. You need to show contribution to the server, for example putting time into it, and being nice.You also need to show that you know how to work with some of our plugins, but if you don't, we can teach you.
Junior Mod Rules:
-Do not abuse your commands to make users feel bad
-Same as builder rules
-Do your job

[Super Donator]
Simple: You get this rank when you donate 50 or more pounds. You also go into the Hall Of Fame, as our three Super Donators, Grimlord17, droolin and chowdownman have. You get a wide array of commands that fly into mod areas. Unless you abuse them you will never get demoted.

You are finally a part of the staff, and have many things to attend to. You have to moderate the server and occasionally the forums. However you have many commands to help you with this. This rank is very hard to obtain as well and will take up to months to get. The command list is too long for me to write it right now, but trust me you get a lot. When i have more time I will write it. The rules are the same here as Junior Mod. Oh and, stay active and don't abuse your commands. The two biggest things that will get you demoted.

You are the highest rank on the server, and deserve a lot of respect. You have probably been on here for at least 3 months and know what you're doing. You help owners deal with the server and administrate it. You can also spot plugin bugs and such.

Me and Elliottbt24, we care for the server such as manage plugins, choose the staff, and of course mainly fund it with the help of donations.

There it is, the long awaited list of ranks. Hope this has helped you and please leave your thoughts about ANY rank related content such as recommendations for new ones, deletions and new permissions for a specific rank. Also, poll on architect. Bring it back? You decide.

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Server Ranks
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